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Everything in the Scriptures is God's Word. All of it is useful for teaching and helping people and for correcting them and showing them how to live.

The C.B.S. (Christian Brothers School) has been part of Dundalk life since 1868 when, the school was first established in Chapel Street.

The present Primary School opened in 1948. Originally an all-boys school, it became co-educational in 1986. Today this thriving town-centre establishment has an enrolment of 350 boys and girls.

Christian Brothers taught in the school until the early 1980sw. Today there are 20 teachers as well as auxiliary staff and SNAs. This is a Catholic which strives to develop and inclusive, welcoming ethos. The school has a long tradition in all sports, particularly Gaelic Games. In recent years CBS has enjoyed great success in the environmental field and has won three Green Flags. Music and Drama also play important parts in the life of the pupils and teachers. Tá traidisiún láidir Gaeilge i Scoil na mBráitre freisin.

Principal:  Mrs Eileen Hart

Chaplain: Fr. Michael Darko

Chairperson Board of Management: Mrs Deirdre Kerr

Phone: 042-9327861

Fax: 042- 9335364

Réalt na Mara School 


Realt Na Mara 2015 Homework Journal Phot

In September 2009, Réalt na Mara Junior School and Réalt na Mara Senior School amalgamated to become Réalt na Mara National School and Centre for Autism. Réalt na Mara School is a co-educational primary school.


The School was built and opened in October 1954. This followed the closure of the old Convent School which was situated at the top end of Mill Street. The old school was founded by the Sisters  of Mercy who came to Dundalk in 1847. This school for girls was built in 1853 and demolished in 1970. When Réalt na Mara opened, boys and girls were enrolled.

In 1999 the school was invited by the Department of Education and Science to engage in a challenging new development, the first in County Louth, which was the setting up of a Centre for Autism within our mainstream school.

After some reflection, the Mercy Sisters decided to embrace the challenge whole-heartedly and the Autism Class is now a vibrant hive of activity. In November 2005, Minister Dermot Ahern officially launched the Centre.

Centre for Autism

Class 1 for children with autism was founded in 1999. We follow an adapted curriculum, make First Confession and Communion with our peers and join them for Art, P.E. and Music.


Our Principal: Mr Philip McCaul

Our Deputy Principal: M/s Adele Clune

Our Chaplain: Fr. Mark O'Hagan

Chairperson Board of Management: Mrs Anne McDonnell

Castletown Girls School



Castletown Girls' School is an all-girls school situated on the Castletown Road, with a history spanning over three centuries. We also have a long and proud association with the Sisters of Mercy.

Currently, our school the school has 220 pupils, 19 teachers, a  caretaker and secretary Imelda. They also have a great Parents and Friends Association. The staff and pupils of the school say Castletown Girls school is a brilliant place to learn, work and have fun.


Principal: Mrs Marion McNally

Chaplain: Fr. Maciej Zacharek

Chairperson Board of Management:  Mr Anthony Hanna

Contact no: 042 9334574

St. Nicholas' Monastery National School

st nicholas.jpg

I am delighted to welcome you to St. Nicholas' Monastery National School. Our school has a long history and tradition of educating the boys of Castletown through a catholic ethos. Since the opening in 1942, the De La Salle national school has established a solid foundation for the boys to build upon as they make their journey through life. It is with hope and aspiration that we will continue to make a difference in all our pupil's lives for many years to come.

Mission Statement

Our school works out of a Catholic ethos motivated by the life of Jesus Christ.Our  faith and belief reflects a safe and secure environment where children learn to be self confident and have a positive self-esteem. It aims to develop a sense of personal responsibility and help the children to understand their own personal humanity. It enables our pupils to develop and enhance the social skills of communication, co-operation and conflict resolution necessary for creating and maintaining supportive relationships both now and in the future. An understanding of healthy living, an ability to implement healthy behaviour and a willingness to participate in activities that promote and sustain health are essential parts of our philosophy. A child’s sense of safety and an ability to protect themselves from danger and abuse is of paramount importance. We strive to enable the children to respect the environment and to develop a sense of responsibility for its long-term care. An appreciation of and respect for the diversity that exists in society and the positive contributions of various cultures, religious and social groups are essential ingredients of our thinking. We strive to teach our children to love one another as God has .

St. Nicholas' Monastery NS is our official name but we are more commonly known as the De La Salle primary school. We are an all boys school with approximately 200 pupils. We are a designated DEIS Band 1 school which allows the school to avail of additional funding. The school was opened by the De La Salle brothers in 1915 to educate the boys of the local area. The school is no longer in the care of the De La Salle order but is now under the patronage of the Archdiocese of Armagh. We are a school of the Catholic faith

Principal Ms Lisa Jones

Deputy Principal : Katriona Cosgrove

Chaplain: Fr. Maciej Zacharek

Chairperson Board of Management: Mr Gerry McCabe

C.B. S. Primary School, (Scoil na mBráithre)Chapel Street

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